Dirty Laundry is the first exhibition by #NotMyCommunity (NMC), a new artist collective that promotes nude art photography free of social media censorship. Dirty Laundry features the work of Danielle Nicol, Kevin Stenhouse, and Boon Ong.

Our closing reception is on February 29th at Lux Laundromat. 

Boon Ong

Boon Ong is a Calgary based photographer and educator, widely recognized for his nude art and storytelling approach in his photography work. Born and raised from a conservative Asian family in Malaysia, a huge part of Boon’s life was living within constraints, secrecy, and frustration. He wants to use his art as a way to yell for new freedom, break down barriers and taboos, and create a safe space for people to find confidence in their own body and sexuality.

Danielle Nicol

Danielle is a Calgary based artist known for her raw and emotional imagery. She started her photographic journey, in front of the lens, as a model for photographers and artists. Her insatiable curiosity, a need to be creative and a desire to have her own voice led Danielle to step behind the lens. At the time she was struggling with addiction and her mental health. Photography helped refuel her passion and gain a sense of purpose and she threw herself into it with reckless abandon.

She began shooting herself when experimenting with lighting or technique because models are not readily available. What started as experimentation soon grew to a form of expression and a way to explore herself and work through the struggles she was facing. In turn, helping her redefine her own sense of self on her terms.

Two years into her artistic journey, she left an abusive relationship and got sober. Creation became a necessity for her survival in the process. Now six years into her sobriety she continues to use her art as a means of catharsis and to explore what makes herself and others tick.

Kevin Stenhouse

As a curious 5-year old I would walk around the house while staring down into a mirror. It was a fascinating way to see the world, a different perspective that often led to a bruise or two. Seeing that I may cause some serious harm, my grandmother gave me an old camera to peer through instead. I remember climbing a chair and looking into my grandfather's top dresser drawer. I found a 1960's copy of Playboy and knew at that point that someday I'd be photographing nudes.

For me, photography has always been about choosing a perspective, framing the subject, and casting light. It's the perfect metaphor for why we share this planet. We each have a unique perspective, story, and way of contributing. When we share our perspectives honestly and open our hearts and mind to receive the same from others, without judgment, we are at our best. 

We are very excited to announce we will have a couple of talented performers joining us for the Dirty Laundry opening reception.

The magical Marla Singer will open the show with a burlesque number and will be followed by the soulful sounds of Scotty Hills.

We look forward to seeing you all there!



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